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NOTE: GYMBROs NFT Holders cannot claim 50% off this product*

Purchase a GYMBROs NFT to become a GYMBROs member and enjoy the following perks for as long as you hold the NFT:

- 50% off all items in the GYMBROs Store

- Free clothing claims twice per year

- 35% off supplements (coming October 2022)

- Free membership to the GYMBROs Gym (opening Gold Coast 2023)

- Access to the GYMBROs Discord community, where we run weekly challenges, giveaways and social events

- Ownership of a valuable digital asset that is unique and scarce (10,000 max supply - all sold out, only available in this store and on the secondary market at

How to claim your discount

If you want to claim your 50% clothing discount upfront, you must purchase this GYMBROS NFT first, have it transferred to your digital wallet (we will help you set this up), then come back and complete your order.

Otherwise, you can pay full price for your clothing order at checkout. Once we receive your order, we will process a refund for 50% of your order spend (excluding this NFT and excluding shipping) within 24 hours.

How to claim your NFT

When you purchase this product our team will hold onto it until you are ready to receive it.  In order for us to transfer the NFT to you, you will need to set up a digital wallet.  This is a very simple task and can be done on a smartphone or web browser.  Our team will send you instructions via email on how to do this. 

To learn more about our NFTs, visit our official GYMBROS NFT website

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